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Daily Lenten Devotional

Catching up on the Lenten Devotional for Thursday and Friday, plus Devotional for Saturday and Easter Sunday

Thursday, April 13
Read Romans 6:3-11

artist reflection
Romans 6 paints a beautiful picture of new life, of walking in newness, living with God and being freed from sin. During Lent, we look inward and reflect on who we are and our own relationship with God—I find this promise to be deeply hopeful. Despite my own failings, God continues to make me new. In celebration of this new life, I hope you hold these hopeful words and simple flower sketch as a reminder that, despite the dead of winter, through the grace of God, we are made new like a flower in spring. What a beautiful gift.Image may contain: text and outdoor


Friday, April 14

Read Matthew 28:1-10…

artist reflection
The light radiates from the empty tomb as we prepare to move out of Lent into Eastertide. I wonder how I will feel then, after six weeks of self reflection. The expressions of Mary Magdalene and her friends are faces of fear, of questioning. Where is Jesus’ body? Where is God? As we once again discover the empty tomb, Jesus’ work must be carried on by us. How shall we succeed? What tasks shall we each tackle first?Image may contain: drawing and text


Saturday, April 15 
 Read Genesis 1:1-2:4a…

artist reflection
This creation narrative cries out to me as an affirmation of everyone’s creative voice. God literally speaks creation into being. God’s words result in the swirling out of light and waters and sky and earth and fruit and trees and stars and winged birds and sea monsters and cattle and creeping things and wild animals and humankind and rest. This kaleidoscope of astounding creativity comes spinning out of God’s creative voice. How powerful the creative mind is. How powerful it is when it is unleashed and shared with the world.Image may contain: text


Easter Sunday, April 17

On this Easter morning, we invite you to take a few moments to look carefully at your coloring calendar. Over the course of 46 days, you have stared these holy stories in the face and filled them with color. You have walked with these scriptures through the depths of anguish and lament, the tides of self-discovery and introspection, as well as through the glimmers of hope and promise. You have looked inward, wrestled with your own brokenness, and committed to spiritual renewal and growth. This artwork is a visible token of your journey.
Looking at the coloring calendar as a whole, what do you see? What stories, images, and colors stick out to you the most? Which shapes and stories were difficult to read or color in?
As artists, we envisioned this tapestry of shapes and stories coming to completion in the overall resurrection image of the empty tomb. It is as if we have joined Mary Magdalene from inside the tomb, having just discovered it is empty, and are now looking out from inside the stone opening to the path ahead. As our Lenten journey comes to a close, a new path unfolds. As resurrection people, we step into the light of this new horizon, renewed in hope and strengthened in our witness to work for a world made whole by God’s radical grace.

It’s teal and periwinkle, that’s how I know. 
And crisp fall leaves and early morning glow. 
It’s mint tea and lavender scones. 
It’s children holding hands, and fresh fallen snow. 
It’s falling in love and falling asleep, not being able to tell which one’s the dream. 
And it’s “come thou fount,” and mountain roads that let me know what I know I know. 
And it’s the strong grip of a newborn babe, and a father’s love that never fades. 
It’s the first day of fall and library halls and art that fills my bedroom walls. 
It’s Galileo and Harriet Tubman and my mom reminding me to stand tall. 
It’s doctors and nurses who never give up and trees so wide I can’t hug their trunks.
That’s how I know that you are love, 
God of creation and creativity above. 
For your fingerprints linger all over the place. I am in awe of your wonder and grace. Amen.