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Prior Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Skyrim, cell phones, Netflix, homework, sibling rivalry, MineCraft, boyfriends/girlfriends…With all the distractions in our everyday lives it becomes easy to ignore the voice of our Creator.  What is the best way to reconnect to our Lord?  James tells us that faith without works is dead.  If one wants to grow their faith, they need to serve.  Our Church believes that one of the most important things a teenager can do is to remove themselves from their comfort zone and go out into the world for a week and help people who really need it.  

Beyond reconnecting with our God, a week long trip is a great way to plug into our group and deepen the relationships that make us a church.  Take a look at some previous trips below to get a picture of what we’ve done and the sense of wonder, joy, connection, and enrichment these students have.   

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Prior Mission Trips

2015 – New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina Relief)

2014 – Campbell Farm, Washington (Native American Rural work)

2013 – Joplin, Missouri (Tornado Relief)

2012 – Vancouver, B.C. Canada (Inner City Poverty Experience)

2011 – Logan, West Virginia (Rural Poverty Experience & VBS)